Things that Should be in Every Kid’s Room

There is no one-size-fits-all requirement when decorating your kid’s bedroom. Conceptualizing on the design and inclusion of your kid’s bedroom can be pretty challenging though because kids are in the verge of one transition from another and rooms are supposed to evolve with the changes too. Designing your kid’s bedroom is a fun bonding activity […]

BYO Infant Life Jackets

On our vacation to the Philippines (an archipelago in Southeast Asia), we were surprised to see how hard it was to get life jackets for our babies wherever we went. It was very rare for their beach resorts to have any at all, not even any for grownups. The usual kind of float we could […]

Finding Leaders

Every week, I volunteer at my church’s Sunday School (we call it Kids’ Church), with the preteen classes. Part of our never-ending tasks, every week, is what we call “classroom management.” It is our job to make sure that the kids behave and listen to the teacher-preacher of the day. This article is just a […]

Raising Twins

There is something about the word “twins” that makes people want two things at once: first, they want to be amazed at how alike they are. Second, they want to find their differences. This puts a lot of pressure on twin children. Everyone expects them to be alike, except they are always pointing out their […]